NFOH Movies

THE STAR SEED 1966 A Star IS Born and IS called out by name: Michael Anthony Pendleton! "Be encouraged for your future IS Beautiful!" NOW 1975 IT'S A WORD PLANET 1975 My height, skin color, language, physique, physical purpose and intellectual capacity aligned this year. I realized MY gifts made room, once fully realized, and would serve as The Blooming Rod to transport me, upon command, from "Anywhere to Anywhere." 1966 1987 THE INVISIBLE COUNTERWEIGHT 1987 Speed became my system of advantage. Here disruptive alliances formed and charged me to create environments for majestic things to happen for myself and a people I would eventually be called to serve. 1975 2004 NO EMPTY SKY 2004 My journey as a Master Manifester lies not in my vision, but moreover my involutionary ability, to not worry about how things would happen but rather how I calibrate frequencies that would initiate, manage, and convert natural things into supernatural spaces where they are already done. 1987 2008 THE PEARL OF GREAT PRICE 2008 "Death is not for the person who dies. It is for the person who YET decides to live" Thelma Louise Gooch Cross. A Rainbow joins my clouds and shifts me into Earthen realms, in the time that remains for me, where I've discovered eternal reflections of myself that continues to reveal the best version of myself. 2004 2015 THE OTHER SIDE OF WAITING 2015 Every single arsenal launched to dismantle and discredit God's integrity failed & I personally prevailed against the face of death itself under the jurisdiction of the air, wind, water and fire which continues to be my ever-present help. I AM not Ordinary! I have THE Blessing for as I Say, I See!
2008 NOW
AGELESS NOW I AM one with the Word! #LIVINGSENT! 2015 1966